WannaCry Ransomware: Legal and Technical Considerations

Posted May 19, 2017

Chris Moschella, Keiter’s Cybersecurity Team Leader and Collin Hite, Hirschler Fleischer Partner and Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Leader discussed the most recent reansomware attack and attacks like it. Unlike most cybersecurity discussions, Chris and Colin addressed both the legal/liability side and the technical side.

Discussion participants had the opportunity to ask questions about the cyber event and other cybersecurity related questions.

Listen to the recorded call and come away with a better understanding of this attack, prevention and recovery methods for this and similar types of cyber events, and the cyber insurance/legal considerations.


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Questions on this topic? Contact Chris or Collin.

Chris Moschalla - Virginia Business Valuations Keiter Accounting
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Collin Hite, Hirschler Flesicher, Partner, Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Leader
Collin Hite

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