Internal Controls Review

The high-profile business scandals and failures we have witnessed in recent years are encouraging private companies to place a renewed emphasis on their internal controls.

Keiter’s professionals are process experts. Internal controls reviews provide focused scrutiny of processes and systems.

Our assessments are designed to uncover inefficiencies, opportunities for error/fraud, and hard-to-spot vulnerabilities. We then recommend alternate approaches to correct or mitigate internal control weaknesses.

Undergoing a review of the proper scope provides management with reasonable assurance that your company’s policies and procedures are adequate and are being followed in the areas of operations, financial reporting, and compliance with laws.

Our internal control reviews can further help your company achieve its performance and profitability targets, prevent loss of resources, and promote more reliable financial reporting.

Consider an internal controls review when you embark on a new project or make changes to your processes such as centralizing or decentralizing. This can help ensure that the end result meets your goal.

Keiter is trusted by public companies as well as closely-held businesses. The same people who perform our Sarbanes-Oxley work (to evaluate the internal controls of public companies) also perform our private company internal control studies—you are getting true expertise.

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