Early-Stage Companies: Understanding Venture Capital

By Carroll D. Hurst, CPA, Director

Early-Stage Companies: Understanding Venture Capital

Business owners of early-stage companies are often overwhelmed by the complexity associated with securing venture capital funding. The process is not easy. Nor should it be undertaken without the appropriate advisors in order to protect your interests in the company now and in the future. This primer is designed to provide a general overview of what business owners need to consider when undertaking a capital raise from a venture source.

This whitepaper outlines the stages of venture capital funding, what sources of funding are available, and best practices for understanding the legal and financial terms of each funding source. We have also included a variety of external resources for business owners to review in order to gain more insight into the process.


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Carroll D. Hurst

Carroll D. Hurst, CPA, Director

Carroll Hurst represents numerous closely-held businesses in the foodservice distribution, manufacturing, construction, retail, wholesale, and service industries, as well as private equity and venture capital funds. Many of these businesses are second and third generation family owned and operated businesses. Carroll’s services in the mergers and acquisitions area include valuation, interaction with investment banking firms and law firms during all stages of negotiations, structuring transactions, tax planning and modeling of after-tax cash flows from various transaction structures, due diligence assistance, and negotiation of various terms of the transaction.

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