Five Reasons to Live and Work in RVA

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Five Reasons to Live and Work in RVA

The city of Richmond offers many exciting features for those looking to relocate or to kick start their careers. Living in a small urban city provides the perfect sense of community while keeping intact the modern feel, proving that there is more to Richmond than what initially meets the eye. The cost of living, local amenities and places of interest within the city make Richmond the perfect location for those looking to ease the relocation process with minimal challenges. The Greater Richmond Partnership of Virginia (GRPVA) provides an in-depth look into what it is really like living in the city of Richmond and surrounding counties.

Compiled is a list of five things to know before living in Richmond.

1. Low cost of living

Richmond’s lower cost of living is ideal for everyone whether it is a recent college graduate looking to start a new career or a young couple looking to start a family. Check the cost of living calculator to see how Richmond compares to other cities in the U.S.

2. Low sales and use tax

When purchasing goods and products in Richmond, you are sure to spend less overall with the sales and use tax at 5.3%, the fifth lowest combined rate in the nation. More tax information for the city of Richmond and surrounding counties is listed here.

3. Variety of housing options

Richmond features several historic neighborhoods with different housing styles ranging from apartments, lofts and condos to townhouses and single-family homes. Whether looking for a quiet, suburban area in one of Richmond’s surrounding counties or looking to stay in the heart of the city, the options for housing are limitless.

4. Demographics

The city of Richmond is constantly growing in size along with the population growing just as fast. Ranking in as the nation’s 45th largest metro area in 2015, Richmond’s metropolitan population is made up of 1.3 million people with a growing international community that adds to the already culturally diverse area. More of Richmond’s statistics and demographic information shows an in-depth look at the population with information such as the median household incomes, educational attainment, and growth rate comparisons.

5. Medical Services

Home to one of the nation’s biggest medical schools, Richmond provides access to great healthcare services whether insured or uninsured. There are many local hospitals like the Medical College of Virginia (MCV) that offer a full range of services and treatments, urgent care centers like Patient First and Richmond Urgent Care that provide fast and convenient services, and specialty treatment hospitals like the Children’s Hospital of Richmond. With the selection of local hospitals, specialty treatment centers and walk-in clinics, both serious emergencies and minor injuries get the medical attention and treatment that is deserved.

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