Connie Lesko’s Fight for a Type-One Diabetes Cure

By Keiter CPAs

Connie Lesko’s Fight for a Type-One Diabetes Cure

By Claire LeFew, Marketing Assistant

Executive Assistant Dedicated to the Mission of JDRF

When Connie Lesko noticed her daughter’s first symptom, an unquenchable thirst, one August, she had no idea the journey that was about to begin.

“It affects everything, every day, all night, every minute.” — Connie Lesko, Executive Assistant at Keiter

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Connie’s daughter Kailee was diagnosed with Type-One Diabetes (T1D) 16 years ago at age four. Connie, who had just moved to Richmond, had to take her little girl down to VCU’s MCV immediately because she had a blood sugar reading over 800. Unfamiliar with the area and with the disease, everything about this experience was frightening. Watching her little girl in a hospital bed was the last thing Connie wanted to see. Upset and flustered, she was able to turn to Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). They brought Connie and Kailee a “bag of hope,” full of information and support materials for families who have just received a T1D diagnosis. Connie said, “If the support hadn’t been there from the beginning, I don’t know what I would have done.” JDRF even had a little bear for Kailee that had markers for injections site, to show her that she had a little friend just like her, to introduce her to her new normal.

Since Kailee’s diagnosis, JDRF has enabled Connie to become a fierce advocate for finding a cure to T1D. She is a member of the One Walk committee, has a team with her daughter called Kailee’s Crusaders, and Kailee has been a youth ambassador. Overall, she has been a dedicated volunteer for over 15 years. Connie, whose daughter is now 20 and thriving in college at Christopher Newport University, believes that JDRF is a vital part of our community, “without JDRF many families would just be existing with diabetes instead of living their lives.”

Keiter Community Donation

As part of our 40th anniversary and community celebration, Keiter made a monetary donation to four selected RVA not-for-profits. The organization that received the most votes received the largest donation. JDRF was one of the selected organizations.

About JDRF

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JDRF’s Central Virginia chapter is a valuable community organization that provides resources and support to families while also raising money for type 1 diabetes research.

In 2018, JDRF nationally invested $362.5 million into T1D research. This money not only goes towards a cure but it goes towards advancements in care technology to make the every-day of those affected by T1D a little easier and a little safer.

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About Connie Lesko

Connie has been a member of the Keiter team for five years. As the Executive Assistant in Keiter’s Tax Department, Connie works closely with partners and managers to provide assistance with scheduling, travel arrangements, and expense reports. She serves on tax scheduling and workflow committees provides an overview of the tax department to new hires and serves as an advocate for the Tax Administrative Assistant.

She is a Christopher Newport University Mom and enjoys cheering for the football team and seeing her daughter perform at halftime with the Marching Captains. In addition to volunteering for JDRF, Connie loves music, movies, travel, hiking, and spending time with her family.

Connie Lesko: JDRF Every Day Hero

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