“Save Yourself from Tedious Small Talk”

By Pamela Bradley, Human Resources Manager

“Save Yourself from Tedious Small Talk”

One of the many benefits of working at Keiter is the opportunity to learn from and work with professionals that are recognized locally and nationally for their knowledge and experience. Pamela Bradley, an HR Manager at the Firm, is a valuable resource for our team as they seek to develop and improve their business development and communication skills. We are pleased to share the following Wall Street Journal article where she shared her insights on creating meaningful conversation in networking situations. By: Sue Shellenbarger | The Wall Street Journal

What seems like banal banter can turn into something more meaningful—and even help your career—if you know how to steer the conversation

We’ve all gotten mired in banal small talk at some point. What if there were a way to avoid that conversational quicksand? If someone says, “I just got back from vacation,” three in four people give a dead-end reply like, “Boy, do I need one of those.” A more inviting question, such as, “What was your favorite day like?” can keep the conversation from dying on the vine, according to research by Contacts Count,​a Newtown, Pa., consulting and training firm that advises employers on networking. Much of our day-to-day talk is a missed opportunity. The ability to draw others into meaningful conversations can determine whether people want to get to know you, or remember you at all. Failure to learn it can stall your career.  Access full article. Interested in a career at Keiter? Contact us. We would love to speak with you.

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Pamela Bradley

Pamela Bradley, Human Resources Manager

Pamela has worked in the accounting field since 1992. An accountant for 12 years, she transitioned to training and development where she now helps lead the human resources function at Keiter. Since joining Keiter, Pamela has been instrumental in building the learning and human resources functions, revising the evaluation process, streamlining HR procedures, and leveraging technology to boost efficiencies. Read more of Pamela’s insights on our blog.

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