Staff Spotlight: Alexandra Wilson

By Keiter CPAs

Staff Spotlight: Alexandra Wilson

By Alexandra Wilson

A Fresh Start at Keiter – A Marketer’s Perspective

After teaching for two years during a worldwide pandemic, I was ready for a fresh start. I did not know much about Richmond before applying to Keiter. However, I knew that I wanted something different in my career path. I wanted a position where I could highlight more of my writing skills and creativity, two things I am truly passionate about. A native of Newport News, Virginia, I didn’t exactly know how far I wanted to go, but I knew I wanted to leave my hometown.

Out of all the companies I applied to, what caught my eye about Keiter was their flexibility in my employment. From the moment I came in for my Communications & Marketing Content Coordinator interview.  I fell in love with the building, the culture, and the relaxed atmosphere.  After interviewing with the marketing team and getting to know my fellow teammates, I accepted the position. I have been able to onboard completely virtually, and I will be moving to Richmond soon!

Moving to Richmond is a big step for someone used to living in a small town. When I went to my interview and even to visit, the atmosphere in the city was extremely exciting and fast-paced. This is something I am really looking forward to! Eventbrite has become my best friend, as I am learning about all the festivals, open mic nights, and creative-based events that take place in Richmond. I am moving into the Manchester area, which is home to various art galleries such as VMFA and ArtWorks. There are also many nature trails of the James River Park. So exciting!

Being a teacher, especially during COVID, it was difficult to maintain a healthy work-life balance. This is another perk of working at Keiter, as I can work virtually two days a week and come into the office the other days. This gives me time to get adjusted to a new area and my surroundings. The neighborhood I am moving into has a huge outside patio, perfect for virtual work on nice summer days!

Keiter really has a willingness to bring new talent to the Richmond area. I commend them for this. Keiter recognizes the importance of diversity in experience and expertise, and I am grateful that they saw that in me. The marketing team I am working with has been super friendly and understanding of my needs in moving to a new city. This position at Keiter is more than just a job, it represents a fresh start for me.

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