“How Tax Reform May Impact the Construction Industry and How to Plan for Potential Changes”

By R. Darden Bell, CPA, Partner

“How Tax Reform May Impact the Construction Industry and How to Plan for Potential Changes”

Tax Senior Manager, Darden Bell, shared a think piece featured in the July/August 2017 issue of Construction Accounting & Taxation providing insights on what the recent tax reform may have in store for the construction industry and how to plan for these changes as they have reached the finalization stage.


How will these changes impact the construction industry?

Of the areas currently known to be under consideration, those that would have a significant impact on the construction industry include:

  • Potential reduction in tax rates;
  • Elimination of special interest items like the Section 199 deduction;
  • Immediate expensing of capital assets rather than depreciating them (House blueprint);
  • Limitations on deducting interest expense (House blueprint);
  • Changes to how NOLs are utilized (House blueprint); and
  • One-time deemed repatriation of earnings accumulated overseas under the old system.

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R. Darden Bell

R. Darden Bell, CPA, Partner

Darden is focused on providing high level service to clients in a variety of industries.  He has considerable experience serving clients in the Real Estate and Construction industry. He is a member of Keiter’s Real Estate and Construction team.

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