Asia Briefing: The Asia Sourcing Guide 2015

Posted on 02.03.15

Asia Briefing: The Asia Sourcing Guide 2015

This detailed guide was developed by LEA Global firm member Dezan Shira & Associates.

In this issue:

  • An Introduction to Sourcing from Asia
  • Choosing a Sourcing Model and Location in Asia
  • Expert Commentary: Quality Standards in Asia

The Asian supply chain is rapidly changing. China, a dominant player in the Asia-Pacific for the past two decades, is becoming ever-more expensive as its working population both ages and becomes increasingly wealthy. At the same time, a number of other Asian countries are now hotbeds of commercial activity. Infrastructural improvements are being made, and new young working populations are emerging throughout the region.

All this has a significant impact on the global sourcing industry. In a competitive market, getting the best available quality at the best available price is an absolute prerequisite for success. Failure comes at a high price. Access Guide.

Source: Dezan Shira & Associates – Used with permission. All materials and contents © 2015 Asia Briefing Ltd.

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