China Briefing- China Investment Roadmap: The Commercial Real Estate Sector

Posted on 08.31.15

China Briefing- China Investment Roadmap: The Commercial Real Estate Sector

China’s urbanization wave is considered by many to be the largest in human history. Following Deng Xiaoping’s reform and open up policy, millions of rural Chinese moved to China’s major coastal cities looking for opportunities in the newly-established factories. As a result, cities like Shanghai and Shenzhen grew into sprawling metropolises practically overnight. However, much of China’s rural to urban movement has been absorbed by the megacities unknown to most people outside the country. As cities like Beijing and Guangzhou continue to grow and mature, cost of living is rising as well. With economic development now spreading to these lesser known cities, people are beginning to abandon China’s largest cities for the increasingly cosmopolitan regional hubs. Most of the accompanying construction boom has been exploited by domestic companies, and largely state-owned businesses at that. In 2013, less than 300 construction companies were foreign invested, compared to almost 80,000 domestic ones. Construction and real estate in China is largely a domestic game.

In this issue:

  • Powering China’s Urbanization: A Market Overview of the Real Estate Sector
  • Building for the Future: Selling Construction Materials in China
  • Opportunities for a Foreign Architect or Firm in China

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