Harold Martin Quoted in AICPA Journal of Accountancy “Article Four Factors That Will Affect The L.A. Clipper’s Sale Price”

Posted on 05.09.14

Harold Martin - Richmond Business ValuationsHarold Martin was quoted in the AICPA Journal of Accountancy’s article entitled “Four Factors That Will Affect the L.A. Clippers’ Sale Price.”

The article addresses the likely sale of the Clippers following the controversial remarks of current owner Donald Sterling.  Harold states:

“If Sterling does sell the franchise, despite its current issues, he would probably still realize a significant premium because (1) there is so little supply (i.e., there are few franchises and these come up for sale rarely) and the demand is significant, which may result in a bidding war that will drive up the price, and (2) the market in which the franchise is located.”  Read More

Source: AICPA

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