Raising Rainmakers—The Importance of Nurturing Development Skills in Young CPAs

Posted on 05.09.14

Bradley_color-121x175By: Lynne Waymon, Andre Alphonso and Pamela Bradley

The Journal of Accountancy's May issue features an article emphasizing the importance of early nurturing of business development skills in young CPAs to promote growth in both the firms, and the trainees.

After years of intense technical training, many CPAs find it difficult to turn their attention to the new role of cultivating clients and attracting referrals. Firms can put strategies in place that teach up-and-coming talent how to look beyond a compliance mindset and uncover the strategic opportunities that lead to new business.

This means giving young CPAs a place to turn to get the answers and support they need to develop a robust networking identity and learn the skills they’ll need to bring in new business. This article examines the challenges of business development and suggests state-of-the art strategies to set CPAs on the path to developing rainmaking skills early in their careers. Read More

Source: Journal of Accountancy

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