Requesting Copies of Prior Year Tax Returns from the IRS

Posted on 02.08.12

Have you ever misplaced a tax return?  It may not seem like a big deal until you try to provide data for a refinance of your home mortgage or try to fill out a financial aid form.  We often have clients ask how they can get prior year tax information from the IRS.

Taxpayers needing information from previously filed returns that are lost or missing may order tax return transcripts that show most line items from the originally filed tax return (including forms and schedules) from the IRS.

Believe it or not, this is a fairly simple process by either: 

  1. The online ordering tool
  2. Phone
  3. Mail using Form 4605T-EZ or Form 4506T.

Quick tip: Ordering online or by phone results in much faster receipt (five to 10 calendar days) compared to 30 calendar days for mail requests. To obtain actual copies of old returns costs $57, requires completion of Form 4506 , and takes 60 days to receive.


Author: Betsy Hastings
Source: IRS

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