Recruiting and Retaining New Talent

Posted on 08.07.17

Recruiting and Retaining New Talent

Mandy Nevius, Keiter Human Resources Manager, recently shared her expertise in recruiting and retaining new talent with the Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants (VSCPA). 


Accounting Internships at Keiter

We strive to provide a well-rounded internship experience in the public accounting sector through exposure to different services we offer within various industries such as real estate, not-for-profit, and retail and distribution. Throughout our 2-day externship program, we provide our externs with knowledge about the public accounting sector, career opportunities at Keiter, and interviewing and networking skills to help gain a better understanding of the field of their choice. From there, we offer the opportunity to partake in an internship program for a more in-depth experience working with our team ranging from associates to partners and experiencing our fun firm culture first hand.


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