“Virginia offering amnesty program for delinquent taxes”

Posted on 10.13.17

“Virginia offering amnesty program for delinquent taxes”

Terry Barrett, Keiter Tax Senior Manager and Leader in Keiter's State and Local Tax team, shared her insights on the Virginia Tax Amnesty Program in the Richmond Times Dispatch article, "Virginia offering amnesty program for delinquent taxes."


For most people and businesses that owe back taxes to Virginia, now is the time to pay up.

The Virginia Department of Taxation is offering an amnesty program for delinquent taxpayers through Nov. 14. Taxpayers can pay the tax and half the interest, and the state will waive any remaining interest and all penalties.

Tax amnesty programs don’t roll around often. This one is the fourth since the first program was offered in 1990. The second was in 2003 and the third in 2009. 

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