Construction Accounting – Raleigh (NC)

We serve over 140 regional construction businesses based in North Carolina and Virginia. This includes general and specialty contractors in commercial, residential, industrial, and real estate development sectors. Through working closely with these clients, we are familiar with the Section 199 deduction and carry back loss identification opportunities to streamline costs.

Our construction industry experts stay ahead of industry changes and have a long track record of providing excellent service to Virginia construction companies. They are actively involved in several construction associations including: Association of General Contractors for Virginia (AGCVA), Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), National Association of Construction Auditors (NACA), Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA), and Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW).

Raleigh (NC) construction companies are regularly involved in transactions which require specialized tax knowledge and strong financial reporting policies. We can help your company:

Keiter has one of the largest and most experienced real estate and construction industry teams serving Raleigh and North Carolina. This team has unparalleled real estate transaction expertise and is proactive in bringing opportunities to clients that impact their bottom line. Contact our team to find out how we can help you and your business.

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About Raleigh (NC)

The construction industry in Raleigh, North Carolina, stands as a testament to the city’s continuous growth and development. Raleigh’s construction sector is dynamic and ever-evolving, driven by a combination of factors that include population growth, economic vitality, and a commitment to modernization.

At the core of Raleigh’s construction industry is a focus on both residential and commercial development. The city’s booming population, drawn by a robust job market and an appealing quality of life, has spurred a demand for new housing. As a result, housing developments, both single-family homes and multi-unit complexes, have become commonplace on the city’s outskirts, accommodating the influx of residents.

The commercial construction sector in Raleigh is equally vibrant. The city has seen a surge in office buildings, retail spaces, and mixed-use developments. With a growing number of businesses choosing Raleigh as their base of operations, the demand for modern office spaces has been on the rise. This has not only led to the construction of new office buildings but has also spurred the revitalization of older structures, transforming them into trendy, adaptable workspaces.

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