Manufacturing Industry Report and Insights (2022-2023)

By Doug K. Nickerson, CPA, CCA, Partner

Manufacturing Industry Report and Insights (2022-2023)

Manufacturing Industry Analysis

Keiter CPAs and Leading Edge Alliance (LEA) have collected data from Manufacturing businesses to create a National Manufacturing Outlook Report. Conducted in association with leading accounting firms across the country, this report collects and analyzes data from the manufacturing industry.

  • Annual revenues of companies of all sizes and markets
  • Manufacturing niche growth trends
  • Biggest risks today in manufacturing
  • Planned investments, R&D and change management strategies

Anticipating a Greater Focus on Plant and Labor in 2023

Based on the results of this report, we anticipate that manufacturers are taking a close look at the foundations of their operations, their talent and their financial outlook. Investing now in key capital improvements such as plant and equipment and ERP systems will help them prepare for an uncertain economy. Although they are more optimistic about their region than the national or global economy, respondents to this survey are concerned about overcoming supply chain disruptions, fluctuating fuel and energy pricing and – most importantly – staffing shortages.

Opinions and planning will evolve as we monitor the economy. We look forward to discussing how you are currently experiencing these pressures (or opportunities) in your business. Making the best use of your capital in a way that supports a favorable financial and growth outcome is our goal, too.

Please contact us at any time to discuss the information in this report.

If you participated in this survey earlier this year, thank you for sharing your experience with us.


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