Have you ever been asked the value of your business?

If you are the owner of a closely held business, you may have been confronted with the need to value your ownership interest for purposes such as estate planning, financing, buy/sell agreements, acquisitions, or divorce.

Our Valuation team is experienced in performing valuations for a wide variety of clients. Our focus is on closely held businesses and professional firms ranging from small to middle market with local, regional, national, and international operations; however, we have also performed projects for billion dollar private and public companies.



Our valuation services include assisting clients involved in business transactions requiring the valuation of a business, estate, or personal worth.

Estate planningEmployee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs)
Estate and gift taxesIncentive Stock Option Plans (ISOPs)
Charitable contributionsGENERAL BUSINESS
Stock-based compensation plansIntellectual property
Purchase price allocationAdequacy of insurance
Personal and entity goodwillFinancing
Built-in gainsLITIGATION
Fair value reporting (ASC 820)Shareholder disputes
Purchase price allocation (ASC 805)
Goodwill impairment (ASC 350)
Stock-based compensation
Preferred and restricted stock
Complex securities (preferred stock, convertible preferred stock, options, warrants, and stock appreciation rights)
Buy/sell agreements
Corporate restructurings
Purchase/sale of business
Mergers and acquisitions
Fairness opinions

VFS services and team stats

Our Valuation and Forensic Services Practice is now in its 25th year and one of the largest practices in Virginia dedicated to providing these specialized services. Our team members collectively possess over 70 years of experience and have performed over 1,600 valuation and forensic projects in more than 220 different industries.

Leadership in the Valuation and Forensic Services Profession

We have developed a national reputation as experts in the field of estate, gift, and income tax valuation. For example:

  • Harold Martin, the Partner-in-Charge of the Valuation and Forensic Services practice served as a co-author of Financial Valuation:  Applications and Models, 1st – 4th ed. which includes a detailed discussion of valuations for tax purposes. This text is used by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants for its National Business Valuation School to train CPAs in valuation and Harold serves as one of the national instructors for this program.
  • He also served as a technical reviewer of Discount for Lack of Marketability – Guide and Toolkitby James R. Hitchner, et al., the most comprehensive text on this subject to date.
  • Our Valuation and Forensic Services team has significant experience in conducting negotiations with the IRS at the review level and has developed good working relationships and earned the respect of the agents with whom they have dealt.
  • Our team has also been retained by the U.S. Department of Justice to serve as a consultant/expert in a litigation matter to be heard before the U.S. District Court.

We have significant experience as both appraisers and experts in valuations for buy-sell agreements.  Harold Martin, the Partner-in-Charge of our Valuation and Forensic Services Practice, was an expert witness for the defendant in the Virginia case, Peter F. Dawyot v. Catawba Capital Management, Inc., which resulted in the Court’s decision to set aside the valuation conclusion of a neutral appraiser which was prepared subject to a buy-sell agreement.

Our team is recognized as experts by professional organizations, their peers, and the courts.  Read more about our team’s credentials. Keiter CPAs Learn More

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