Merger & Acquisition Services

Is now the time to consider a M&A transaction?

We can help you with the analysis of acquisition or expansion plans, and we can provide due diligence assistance to assure that you make a knowledgeable investment decision in an identified target.

The exact process will depend on your goals. Typically the business value is determined and funding requirements are identified. Due diligence is necessary whether you are a buyer, seller, or investor.

By working with you at an early stage, we are able to understand your business and help identify your needs and opportunities. If you are a seller, we help you maximize the business’ value. If you are in the market to acquire, it is important to make sure the acquisition is a good fit for you and your organization.

We are also well-prepared to assist you with structuring a transition so that it is tax efficient. This approach minimizes net cash outflows for a purchaser and maximizes net cash received by a seller after taxes.

Through our relationships with investment bankers we connect you with additional expertise in mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures.

Successful mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures take vision and planning. We can help.

Keiter’s Merger & Acquisition specialists guide businesses, private and public, in analyzing and coordinating all aspects of a possible transaction. Based on the more than 200 merger, sale, acquisition, and financing transactions in which our Firm has participated over the past five years, we have a unique understanding of merger and acquisition transactions and their financing components, both from a structuring and valuation perspective and from the standpoint of evaluating accounting and tax issues relating to these transactions.

Our Merger & Acquisition Services Include:

Our Mergers and Acquisitions team has completed more than 250 M&A engagements. Of those 250, 170 of those engagements were sell-side transactions. The charts below are a representation of the industries served and types of engagements completed.

Hurst_Carroll_2012web“The M&A process for many of our clients is the culmination of efforts to improve the value of their businesses and increase their personal wealth. As Opportunity Advisors, the goal of each of these transactions is to achieve the best results possible for our clients.”
Carroll D. Hurst, Merger & Acquisition Services Team Leader



Representative M&A Transaction Engagements

  • Advisory services related to a minority recapitalization by a private equity firm -Identified private equity firm, negotiated transaction terms, performed valuation services
  • M&A advisory services related to a management buy-out
    -Identified senior and sub debt lenders, performed valuation services, and quality of earnings review
  • Senior debt financing advisory services for a growth company combined with negotiations of convertible debt issuance
  • Referral of a non-client, out of market, acquisition target to a private equity buyer
    -Private equity firm won the bid and engaged us to provide tax structuring assistance and provide purchase price allocation recommendations
  • M&A advisory services, senior, sub debt and equity capital negotiations related to a management buy-out and redemption of all of the stock of the company
  • Provision of valuation services and consulting services related to the issuance of convertible debt and equity capital to fund the growth capital needs of our client
  • Reorganization advisory services, primarily related to tax structuring or a large growth capital investment by a foreign investor in our client
  • Majority recapitalization advisory services in connection with a change of control transaction
    -Tax structuring and purchase price allocation advisory services
  • Acquisition advisory and valuation services for the strategic purchase by our client of a company, enabling our client to vertically integrate in its industry
  • Valuation Services
    • Sale of a Business – Assisted a closely held national distributor of specialty tools in assessing a purchase offer from management, as well as in determining investment value for purposes of negotiating a prospective sale with a strategic buyer.
    • Purchase of a Business – Assisted a publicly traded energy company in determining the value of a prospective acquisition and in performing due diligence of the acquisition target

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