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Frequently Asked Questions

During the interview process you will meet with a variety of people at multiple levels within the firm from managers, to senior managers, to partners. Our interviews typically last from 2-4 hours depending on the position.

Keiter does conduct virtual interviews; however, our preference is to meet you in-person. If your interview is in-person, you get the chance to speak informally with team members who have the same title you would have coming in to Keiter. You will also tour the office and meet with HR to go over benefit information.

The time frame to hear back from us after an interview is usually 2-3 weeks; however, we try to communicate sooner.


Our tax preparation services peak from late January through mid-April. During this time, our tax team members work longer hours, however we leverage seasonal staff and interns to help offset the volume of work.

Our Audit busy season runs from early January through mid-March and levels off during the rest of the year. During this time, audit team members work longer hours, however we leverage audit interns and continue to recruit experienced staff to help offset the increased volume of work. Audit team members often go out to lunch and connect with one another while they are at the client site.

Keiter prioritizes the wellbeing of its employees throughout the year with extra stress relief activities during our busiest times. Some of our busy season activities include weekly in-office yoga and fitness classes, firm paid lunches and dinners, food trucks, and deadline celebrations. The camaraderie between team members is very evident during this time as they take time to laugh, enjoy our perks, and work together to meet client deadlines.

Keiter has various bonus options available as well as opportunities for employees to advance at the Firm. Some of these include:

  • Sign-on bonus – This is provided in certain circumstances; paid out in first pay check (taxes deducted)
  • Relocation expenses – in some instances we reimburse candidates for moving expenses
  • Spot bonuses – Keiter budgets yearly dollars to award team members that go above and beyond. These are team members who are innovative in finding solutions and coming up with new ideas in the work that they do.
  • Year-end performance bonus – This is based on the Firm’s performance and individual performance across our competency sets (Productivity, Client Service, Technical Knowledge, Business Development, and Teamwork/Relationships)
  • New employee referral bonus – This is for all open positions and can range up to $5,000
  • New business referral bonus – Keiter understands that it takes collaboration at all levels to grow the Firm. Our referral bonus program rewards all team members that bring in qualified clients to the Firm. This can range between 10%-15% of the first year collected fees.

Traditionally, the expected accounting firm career path is a direct line from associate to partner. We realize that there is no “one-size-fits-all” career path. Because of this, team members can decide to develop in place or develop for growth. Developing in place allows team members to develop specific competencies to grow in their current role. Developing for growth allows team members to develop competencies to progress beyond their role. Find out more about career development at Keiter here.

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