“Bigger paychecks coming to workers thanks to tax overhaul, but experts warn you could owe the IRS next year”

By Gary G. Wallace, CPA, Managing Partner

“Bigger paychecks coming to workers thanks to tax overhaul, but experts warn you could owe the IRS next year”

Individual Tax Considerations

Keiter’s Tax Practice Leader, Gary Wallace, was recently quoted in the following Richmond Times-Dispatch article written by Gregory J. Gilligan Richmond Times-Dispatch.


“…For example, a single taxpayer who is paid monthly earning $75,000 annually with one exemption will likely see about $2,200 annual reduction in federal withholding this year compared with last year, according to calculations by Gary Wallace, the tax practice leader at Henrico-based accounting firm Keiter.

A married worker with two allowances earning $75,000 a year would see about $1,600 less taken out of his or her paycheck, he said.

“The big take away for these changes is that not only did tax rates and withholdings change, the tax act made other significant changes that also need to be considered, mostly around the law changes in the areas of deductible interest and state and local taxes,” Wallace said. “Since the standard deductions were increased, some taxpayers may no longer need to itemize deductions.”

All taxpayers should take a look the new IRS calculator when it becomes available later in February to ensure they are having the correct amount withheld, Wallace and other tax experts say. And they should update the information on their W-4 after the IRS releases a revised version later this year.”

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