SOC examinations, commonly called SOC audits, provide your clients with the internal control and security assurances they need to rely on your service. Although other types are available, SOC 1 and SOC 2 are the most common.

A SOC 1 audit provides assurances over your internal control practices that relate to your services. Most commonly, SOC 1 audits relate to internal controls over financial reporting, for example, a payroll provider or a health insurance claims administrator.  SOC 1 audits can, however, address other types of internal controls as well.

A SOC 2 audit provides assurances over your organization’s internal controls over security and, if required, availability, confidentiality, processing integrity, and privacy. SOC 2 audit reports are commonly requested if your clients are relying on you to safeguard their data. Software-as-a-service companies and datacenters are commonly asked to provide SOC 2 reports.

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Who better to help you prepare for a SOC audit than SOC auditors? Our team leverages years of SOC audit experience to help you identify and remediate control gaps and weaknesses.

SOC audits come in two types. A Type 1 audit focuses on the design and implementation of your controls, that is, were your controls implemented and were the procedures designed to achieve the controls’ objectives, as of a point in time.

A Type 2 audit includes all the criteria of a Type 1, but includes assurances over operating effectiveness, that is, did your controls operate consistently to achieve the controls’ objectives, over a period of time.

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