Consulting & Advisory

Over the past three decades, business owners and managers have experienced the benefits of our advice and insights on a wide range of operational, financial, personnel, and planning challenges.

The benefits our clients receive from Keiter consulting relationships include:

  • Providing a fresh and unbiased perspective
  • Helping to sharpen their business focus
  • Developing and implementing workable plans
  • Bringing clarity to complex financial issues
  • Helping to give them peace of mind

In addition to the range of services listed on the left, we consult on family business issues such as growth, ownership, change of control, conflict resolution, compensation issues, meeting facilitation, and strategic planning for start-up businesses.

Our clients rely on us to help solve their difficult business issues and maximize their potential.

Linear Business Progression Model

While all organizations experience a unique progression pattern, business owners and managers are faced with making similar key decisions.

Keiter can help—whether you are planning a start up, growing the organization, or developing and executing an exit strategy.

There are also “milestone” events. Planned or unplanned, when important crossroads are reached, our experienced professionals can provide unparalleled information, advice, and opportunities to help you make the right decisions.