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We work with international businesses on inbound and outbound transactions. This includes international companies with subsidiaries in the United States as well as those with subsidiaries worldwide.

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Keiter utilizes a wide network of leading accounting firm contacts through our alliance with LEA Global, the second largest international professional accounting firm association in the world. With 189 member firms operating in over 100 countries, your business will benefit from global connections and a knowledge base that offers localized insightful advice with personalized service.

LEA Global members represent the top accounting firms in their respective countries, including the largest and most respected firms in Europe, Asia, North and South America. LEA Global is an association of likeminded firms that share the common vision of innovation, quality and excellence.

Through this close association of firm leaders, we are able to provide international companies with technical support and specialized advice, or local geographic presence for situations such as inventory observations and local, county, or township tax issues in cities throughout the world.

We add the most value to clients who have a relatively high-level of complexity, multiple recurring service needs and those that we work with throughout the year and over a longer period of time.  This reflects our commitment to provide all clients with the highest quality of services.

In combination with our LEA Global network and other domestic advisors, our international tax services team applies our experience to provide personalized service that meets unique international business needs. Our experience can add value in the following areas:

  • Acquisition and disposition of U.S real estate holdings by foreign investors
  • Tax planning for exports utilizing IC-DISCs
  • Structuring Foreign Investments in the U.S.
  • Structuring US Companies for International Expansion
  • Analyzing cross border transactions
  • Maximizing Foreign Tax Credit Utilization
  • Utilizing Income tax Treaties
  • Payments of US Source Income to Foreign Persons

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