Keiter’s personal tax services go beyond tax compliance and preparation.

By focusing solely on providing individual taxation services to privately-held business owners, corporate executives, and high net worth families, we are able to offer our insights and experience in solving their complex tax needs.

We add the most value to clients who have a relatively high-level of complexity, multiple recurring service needs and those that we work with throughout the year and over a longer period of time.  This reflects our commitment to provide all clients with the highest quality of services.

Benefit from tax management strategies that position you to leverage savings opportunities appropriate under the law while maximizing and protecting your net worth.

Our tax professionals are committed to giving you and your family the attention you deserve. We facilitate tax-planning dialogue all throughout the year.

Comprehensive tax and financial planning reach far beyond this year and next.

Depending on your stage in life—beginning your career, accumulating wealth, or planning for retirement—we are here to help.

Assessing the soundness of various investment alternatives, exploring asset allocation strategies, and considering other financial planning tools are jobs best tackled with a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) at your side.

Because we are serious about looking after your financial best interests, we have CFPs on our team to supplement the already strong knowledge of our highly experienced tax planning professionals.

When independence is needed regarding investments and securities, we refer you to credible investment advisors who seek to meet your needs, not sell you the trendiest product. We have long-standing relationships with caring professionals who hold your best interests in the same high regard as we do.

At Keiter, our culture is about empowering you to make decisions to more quickly propel you toward your goals.

How can we help you?

We find that we add the most value to clients who have a relatively high-level of complexity and multiple recurring service needs.  This reflects our commitment to provide all clients with the highest quality of services and to enhance and grow our partnership.

Based on this commitment, we are not able to offer one-time consultations for non-clients.

Our tax compliance fees start at $3,500 for individual and less complex entity returns. All other services, including tax planning and consulting, will vary based on the scope of services for each engagement, and will be charged in addition to the tax compliance fee.

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