An Environment of Learning for Lifelong Professional Development

By Pamela Bradley, Talent Advisor

An Environment of Learning for Lifelong Professional Development

A successful accounting career includes continuous learning and development

People entering the Talent Development field will often talk about the satisfaction they get from the “Aha!” moment. It’s that flash of comprehension you see when someone you’re working with makes a new discovery. It’s true, that is a fun phenomenon to be part of.

But I have to say that it’s even better to see people taking their learning with them out into their day-to-day lives. When I look around at Keiter, I can see how people have been impacted by our learning programs. One manager, after taking a management skills class, learned by experience how important it is to regularly give positive feedback. Another person, now a senior manager, kickstarted their career growth by participating in a networking skills program I created.

At Keiter, we offer an environment of learning at every stage of one’s career. From intern through partner, we are always absorbing knowledge and honing our professional skills. Highlights of our learning and development include everything from achieving certification to accounting expertise to interpersonal skills.

CPA exam review

At Keiter, we care deeply about learning and expertise. Being a firm of CPAs and consultants, you would probably expect that we help people achieve the CPA certification, and you would be correct!

Interns learn about the CPA exam and upcoming changes. New hires are provided with information on CPA review programs before they even step foot in the door. One of the CPA review programs even allows our new hires to order review materials and sends the bill directly to Keiter.

Accounting expertise

But the learning doesn’t stop there. Our two largest departments each have an Education Committee that recommends learning for each individual in the department each year. The leadership of smaller departments does the same thing for their groups.

In the beginning of their Keiter career, team members get training on general skills. As they progress in their career, our team members can expect to attend classes and conferences in their niche areas.

In addition, Keiter regularly brings in training providers to our home office. We work with trainers to tailor the learning to our client base, so that our team are prepared to give the highest level of service to clients.

Finally, we ourselves are trainers! Keiter provides many classes created by in-house experts so that our team can learn from those with more experience.

Interpersonal skills

Of course, a successful professional needs more than technical skills. That’s why our Human Resources and Talent Development teams create learning experiences for our Emerging Leaders Initiative and for our people managers, who we call Performance Coaches. In addition to classroom learning experiences, we also have a mentoring program, panel presentations, and job aids to help people master the skills they need.

One of the more exciting aspects of our Talent Development program is our Keiter Coaching program. Team members on a strong growth trajectory can connect one-on-one with an external executive coach. And anyone in the Firm can work with our in-house coaches.

All in all, the learning program at Keiter is a truly personalized experience.

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Pamela Bradley

Pamela Bradley, Talent Advisor

An accountant for 12 years, Pamela transitioned to training and development where she helps lead the human resources function at Keiter. Since joining Keiter, Pamela has been instrumental in building the learning and human resources functions, revising the evaluation process, streamlining HR procedures, and leveraging technology to boost efficiencies. In 2024, she transitioned to the role of Talent Advisor, with the goal of expanding the program by crafting customized and individualized strategy for team members.

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