What is Roanoke’s Sales Tax Rate?

In 2022, the combined effective sales tax rate for the city of Roanoke is 5.3% (zip code 24011). Unlike Richmond, there is no special district or county sales tax imposed. This means the total effective sales tax rate is a combination of the state’s 4.3% and the city’s 1% tax rates.

State of Virginia 4.3%
City of Roanoke 1.0%
County of Roanoke 0%
Total 5.3%

The location of your business or organization is used to determine the tax rate, especially for on-site sales. A different rate could apply for products that are shipped depending on facts and circumstances. As outlined above, Virginia has a 4.3% statewide tax, but there are over 270 local jurisdictions, including Roanoke (with an average rate of 1.327%) that compound on top of the state rate. In other words, the total tax amount will vary based on location.

Online Sales Tax Calculation

The Virginia Department of Revenue last issued an update to online sales tax rules in 2019. A remote seller or marketplace facilitator has economic nexus if they facilitate the sale of more than $100,000 in gross receipts or more than 200 transactions with Virginia customers.

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