Remote Workforce Cybersecurity

By Chris Moschella, CPA, Risk Advisory Services Senior Manager | Cybersecurity Services Team Leader Preventing and Detecting Company Data Breaches in a Remote Work Environment In response to COVID-19, businesses in Virginia and across the country recently found themselves required to rapidly transition from a predominantly on-premise workforce to a predominately remote workforce. Businesses that […]


With cyber threats on the rise, the most powerful shield your company has against cyberattacks is education that can help escape costly and reputation-damaging breaches.

“Small Business Cybersecurity: Experts and Non-Experts agree…and Disagree.”

Chris Moschella, Risk Advisory Services Senior Manager, shared his insights on small business cybersecurity and how to minimize the risk of Human Resources department data breaches including W-2 scams in Inspiring HR‘s article, Small Business Cybersecurity: Experts and Non-Experts agree…and Disagree.” Excerpt: Are you tired of hearing about data breaches yet? Thought so. It seems that […]

SEC releases new cybersecurity guidance for publicly traded companies

By John DeMarzo, Risk Advisory Services Associate | Cybersecurity Services Team In the wake of data breaches occurring at companies such as Yahoo in 2014 (3 billion user accounts compromised) and Equifax in 2017 (143 million consumers’ records stolen), the SEC has released updated cybersecurity guidance for publicly traded companies. “The guidance is meant to […]

SOC for Cybersecurity: An Answer to Leadership’s Cybersecurity Responsibilities

By Christopher Moschella, CPA, CISA | Risk Advisory Services Senior Manager | Cybersecurity Team Leader Business leaders, executives, and directors are understandably uneasy about the state of cybersecurity in their companies. Each week, another company’s good name is dragged through mud by the press on news of a cyberattack. Not only do these organizations spend […]

“Cybersecurity awareness and training is everyone’s business”

Chris Moschella, Risk Advisory Services Senior Manager, shared his insights on cybersecurity awareness and training in an article for Inside Business, The Hampton Roads Business Journal. Excerpt: “W-2 fraud, spear phishing and executive impersonation wire-fraud scams are just a few of the attacks that target people rather than systems. Although the “technical hack” still occurs […]

Infosecstack: Your Collection of Free Cybersecurity Resources

Cybersecurity is expensive, and because attackers continuously find new ways to victimize organizations and separate them from their data and hard earned dollars, it is getting more expensive. Malware used to steal credit card data, social engineering scams to steal W-2 data, and global ransomware attacks that hold precious data hostage for payment in Bitcoin […]

Cybersecurity: Educate and Motivate Staff to Be Careful

According to Trend Micro, 91% of cyberattacks start with a targeted “spear-phishing” email. [1] The FBI found that from October 2013 until February of 2016, roughly two and a half years, that $2.3 billion was stolen from 17,624 corporate victims in business email compromise scams that convince individuals with wire transfer authority to send money to […]

Cybersecurity: Cyber Insurance

Cyber-insurance is a relatively new type of insurance to help companies mitigate the risk of financial loss originating from a cyber-attack.  A cyber-attack can cause financial loss in a number of ways, most of which are insurable.  Some, however, are generally not. Although cyber-insurance has existed in some form for over a decade, it lacks […]


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