Cybersecurity: So You Think You Have a Breach

Organizations of any size should have some type of incident response plan.  An incident response plan outlines the steps your company takes when responding to cyber incidents.  Smaller companies or companies without complex IT infrastructure might incorporate the cyber incident response plan into their overall incident response plan, which may cover situations like inclement weather, […]


Keiter’s Cybersecurity team can adapt to meet the needs of clients large and small while addressing the latest cybersecurity threats and providing critical insight into an organization’s cybersecurity footprint. Good cybersecurity starts with strong corporate governance and ends with properly trained staff and secured systems. Our Cybersecurity Services include: Cybersecurity Governance Security Specific IT Controls […]

Good Cybersecurity Starts with Governance

It might seem counter-intuitive to think that cybersecurity starts with what is essentially paperwork and ceremony, without actually doing anything concrete to protect systems. But governance is critical to an organization’s cybersecurity. Cybersecurity Governance Governance is the combination of the corporate tone and leadership and the policies and procedures that grant authorities and assign responsibilities. […]

Cybersecurity: Know Who Has Access to Your Systems and Deactivate Access Timely

In 2013, a network engineer at CitiBank came to realize he was about to get fired and decided to attack his employer before they fired him.  He reset the configurations on nine routers which controlled the flow of data across their North American network. In doing so, he brought down 90% of the network for nearly […]

Cybersecurity: Protecting Sensitive Data

Not all data is created equally. The cat pictures your coworkers email around are not nearly as important as your customer data, accounting records, and intellectual property.  Critical data should receive commensurate levels of protection. Just as with your cyber-doors and cyber-windows, step one is to inventory your critical data and determine where it is located. Step […]

Cybersecurity: Backup. Backup. Backup.

Suppose that the worst case happens and you’ve been hacked, ransomware propagates across your network, or an ill-willed insider destroys critical records.  You need to be able to recover and recover quickly.  After all, your customers are waiting, and you are in the business of providing your product or service, not spending days or weeks […]

Cybersecurity: The Importance of Securing your Cyber-Doors and Windows

Everyone reading this knows where all the doors and windows in their homes are. And I’m sure that you tend to keep your windows locked and check that your doors are locked before you leave the house or go to bed at night. And some readers may have security systems with automatic intrusion detection and […]

Cybersecurity Awareness: The Power of One Click

By Chris Terrell, Information Technology Department Manager Really, how bad can one errant click be? OK, maybe you get a virus on your computer and somebody from IT has to fix it while you use a loaner. Maybe some files have to be restored. It is not the end of the world, right? These things happen… […]

Cybersecurity Remains Focus for Financial Institutions and Service Firms’ Regulators

By Scott Hoffmann, Business Assurance & Advisory Services Manager | Financial Services Industry team On February 16, 2017, the New York Department of Financial Services updated its final proposed cybersecurity regulations– described as the “first-in-the-nation” for state regulations for financial institutions. As cybersecurity continues to be a growing concern in the financial services industry, many […]

Cybersecurity Legislation May Do More Harm Than Good

This article, written by Chris Moschella (Keiter) and Collin Hite (Hirschler Fleischer), is featured in the February 2017 issue of Virginia Business. “A paramount concern for the commonwealth’s businesses — large and small — is cybersecurity. During the current session of the General Assembly, state Sen. Glen Sturtevant proposed an update to Virginia’s cyber crime […]


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